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About Us

Who we are

İnevi Medical was established in May 2016 by Ulaş İnevi who is willing to take his experience in medical services to the next level. Based in the Capital of Turkiye,ANKARA; our company is providing medical services nation wide . Specialised in Apheresis products and services , our aim is to give the health care professionals the best service possible and always be ready for the Turkish Medicine Society. With the help of our experienced personnel , İnevi Medikal is providing sales and marketing support for the leading international companies in the field.

Our Mission

To provide the easiest and fastest access; to the best and most proper treatments for  Turkish people and Turkish Medical Staff with an organization based on true and scientific evidence especially in intensive care and apheresis field in Turkey

Our Vision

To become the most preferred company in the field of accessibility and innovation within the existing healthcare companies in Turkey and to be the best medical company in Turkey by offering breakthrough treatments nationally.

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